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“HINTH” Make Transformer 2000KVA-11000/433V
   Manufacturing Process


Hinth transformers cores are built with Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) Laminations with insulated coatings which are oil and temperature resistant. The type of magnetic steel is chosen according to the desired loss level. Mitered joints are used to reduce iron loss and magnetizing current. The supporting structure and clamping devices of the core contribute to the compactness of the design and also ensure low sound levels.


The windings are designed to optimize dynamic, thermal, mechanical & electrical stresses depending upon the current & voltage requirements. The materials used for winding the coils are of high conductivity electrolytic Copper/Aluminum Wires/Strip. Depending upon the design criteria spiral, cross-over, helical, continuous disc, partly interleaved or fully interleaved windings are used. Dovetailed key spacers are employed to allow the free flow of oil around the conductor and reduce hot spots.


The “active” part of the Transformer consists of the magnetic core with winding and accessories. The windings are placed over the core limbs and necessary connections are made as per the tappings and vector group. Sufficient ducts are provided between the windings and core to ensure heat dissipation through circulation of oil. Best quality insulation is provided at all jorigidly support ints and gaps. The optimum design of Core-Coil assembly is achieved by considering the required technical particulars, cooling, size, compactness and tapping arrangement. Special insulated frames all leads and conductors.


The active part of the Transformer i.e. Core Coil Assembly is completely dried in a vaccum oven (i.e. heated under vaccum) to remove the moisture that is absorbed during assembly, as the traces of moisture are likely to reduce the dielectric strength of the transformer oil and may cause flash over between the windings. The active part thus dried is lowered into the tank and bolted perfectly to withstand the forces that occur during short circuit. The tank is then filled with filtered hot transformer oil. Connections of primary and secondary to the terminal bushings are made and all necessary accessories/ fittings such as bushings, valves, oil level indicator, pressure relief device, temperature indicator, tap changer etc. are fitted on to the tank body.


Tanks are made of high quality mild steel sheets and plates. State-of-the-Art welding technology is applied to give immaculate finish and leak proof tanks. Cooling is provided by either Pressed Steel Radiators which are attached by flange or directly welded to the tank or by Cooling tubes welded to the tank. Every tank is rigorously tested for any leakage or seepage. Air pressure test, fluid test are conducted on each tank to ensure that no leakage takes place. To attain satisfactory protection against correction and rusting, all surfaces of steel parts are short blasted prior to painting. Thereafter tanks and steel parts are painted with one primer and two final coats of approved paint.


Hinth is equipped with the latest testing facilities to conduct testes on its transformer. The following routine tests as per IS: 2026 (part) – 1977 are performed on each transformer before dispatch and test certificate is issued to the customer.

Measurement of winding resistance
Measurement of voltage ratio and check of voltage vector relationship
Measurement of impedance voltage/short-circuit impedance and load loss
Measurement of no-load loss and current
Measurement of insulation resistance
Dielectric Test & Tests on on-load tap changers, where appropriate

Other tests such as Short Circuit Withstand Tests, Impulse Test are conducted at an independent government recognized testing laboratory at Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore at the request of the customer and the test charges are borne by the customer.



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